Visiting IANTD instructors

It is a requirement of IANTD HQ (see Cross Border Policy Page 14 of the Standards) that all Instructors and Trainers notify the relevant Regional Licensee if they are undertaking training in a Region other than where they are registered. If you do not do this you are breaking Standards and may face a Quality Assurance investigation. Also your certifications may not be processed. Therefore, if you will be making training in Middle East, please email with the following details. Alternatively, you can telephone to give the details or deliver by hand at the office in Hurghada immediately on your arrival.

  • Full Name
  • IANTD Instructor / Trainer Level
  • IANTD Instructor / Trainer Number
  • Contact Telephone
  • Contact Email
  • IANTD Home Region
  • Arrival and departure date & planned course dates
  • Planned training (courses)
  • Diving Centre and Location of Planned Training (courses)
  • Student Name(s)

Please note that qualifications must be processed in the Region where training is performed, i.e. IANTD Middle East for any training completed in Middle East. Otherwise you risk not having your students’ certification cards processed! IANTD Middle East aim to process certifications within 48 hours.