“I choose the Evo/inspi for as Rebreather to train as  an IANTD Instructor because it’s famous popular Rebreather unit in the diving industry and for divers who wants to switch from OC to CC this is first image come to them mind. Also, it has a good reputation”

Why I do like it?  Because  is a Good engineering machine.

Divers has good support from the company with advice and spare parts very professional and Has backup features Safely feature Warning feature The company for this unit keep always resources to reach good performance in the unit. 

Safaga. Red Sea Egypt

Ahmed Salem * IANTD Middle East EVO/Ins Normoxic Trimix CCR Instructor + & JJ CCR Normoxic TMX Instructor in Safaga. Egypt. 



Why did you choose megalodon as a rebreather for your training as an CCR instructor? Megalodon is robust machine , i like the independent controllers, is Capable of Sustain loop flood, has a Simple standard configuration and a Long duration canister…. also have Hud displays po2.