NEW in EGYPT – The Triton mCCR Rebreather

IANTD is proud to introduce the Triton mCCR Rebreather which may be a game changer for traveling rebreather divers !

With a travel lweight of 7kg/14lbs, it travels perfectly as a hand luggage !! Gone are the times with 32kg pelican cases and huge overweight surcharges !

The unit weighs about 12kg ready to dive, and is chest-mounted like the military oxygen rebreather units. This unit is however a fully fledged mixed gas rebreather which is CE approved to 100m and has been extensively tested in depths exceeding 240m.

It can be attached to most recreational BCDs, sidemount wings, twinset systems and even as a backup system to another rebreather. The oxygen cylinder is attached to the unit, while the diluent is fed off-board from a stage or back-mounted cylinder.

The breathing is the most comfortable of all existing CE rebreather units, with the lowest work of breathing possible till now.

Diver and Instructor training is available directly through the IANTD Middle East Training Department for now, till instructors in Middle East will be qualified to train on this amazing unit.  

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