• 10% discount below whole sale on all orders
  • Chose to Print C-cards locally or have IANTD provide that function 3. Logo on website
  • ¬†Website listing (by Facility Level & alphabetical)
  • Banner Ad on the Facility Web Page

Platinum Facility Prerequisites:

  1. IANTD is the primary certification offered;

  2. Advertise IANTD courses;

  3. IANTD Logo on the website

  4. IANTD Facility Decal or Flag visible in the store

  5. IANTD Instructor on staff or a contractor Instructor

  6. Retail store front

  7. Gas fills (Air, EANx and/or Trimix & Oxygen)

  8. Offer equipment Sales

  9. Offer rental equipment

  10. Have an IANTD IT on staff or a contractor IT . (a. Offer at least one Instructor development program or instructor crossover program annually)

  1. Purchase 50 Student kits, at any level, per year

  2. Approval by IANTD HQ

Platinum Facility Requirements

1. Be located in Egypt or area under jurisdiction of IANTD Egypt.
2. The Applicant shall submit a renewal to this contract on a yearly basis to IANTD promising to operate as a Platinum Facility which will offer IANTD programs for

certification as their primary certification.
3. To maintain Platinum Facility status, a minimum of 50 Student kits must be purchased

annually from IANTD Egypt and their c-cards shall be issued. The student packs can be of

varying levels of training.
4. The Platinum Facility Applicant agrees to train divers in accordance with the IANTD

training Standards and Procedures.
5. The Platinum Facility Applicant agrees to abide by the IANTD Trademark License

Agreement, Attached hereto as Exhibit C.