This page is for Employment Offers and Employment Wanted. If you would like to make a post please email us stating the subject Employment Offers or Employment Wanted and we will add your posting.

Employment Offers

If you are a Facility needing extra staff or an IT or Instructor who needs help with an increasing number of courses you can post your Employment Offers here. In your email please give the following details:

Instructor Level Required, Experience Required, Languages Required, Age Range Required, Date Required (From / To), and Your Contact Details (Name, Dive Facility, Location, Telephone).

Employment Wanted

Alternatively, if you are an Instructor or Trainer seeking employment you can advertise yourself here! Please give the following details in an email:
Current Instructor Level, Previous Experience (in brief), Languages Written and Spoken, Date Available, Preferred Location and Your Contact Details (Name, Email, Telephone).

Please Note:

To keep this page current postings will be removed after two months unless we hear otherwise from the advertiser.

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IANTD and IANTD Middle East reserves the right not to post unsuitable advertisements on this page: any person sending emails of an unprofessional nature or that violate IANTD ethicial standards may be subject to a Quality Assurance investigation.

The employment page is for employment opportunities only. Any other advertisements will not be posted on this page.