Assistant Instructor


This Programme is designed to train qualified IANTD Divemasters to teach a part of the IANTD Open Water Diving Programme, and conduct relevant assessments.

These individuals may teach and assess the theoretical part of all Open Water Diving Programme courses, the complete Snorkeling course, and the complete Free Diver course providing that they perform skill number 2 described in water skills development of this course.

Assistant instructors that have gained progressive experience in teaching may also teach and assess all confined water skills of any level of Open Water Diving Programme under the direct supervision and authorization of an IANTD Open Water Instructor (or higher).

If diving in conditions significantly different from those previously experienced the Assistant Instructor shall require an appropriate orientation.


  1. Must be qualified as an IANTD Divemaster or equivalent.
  2. Must provide proof of a minimum of 80 logged dives, of which at least 15 were Divemastering dives.
  3. Must have assisted in at least one complete OW Diver course.
  4. Must be current in CPR and First Aid qualifications, plus qualified in SCUBA Rescue and as an Oxygen Provider.
  5. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Minimum Duration: 5 Days