Advanced Nitrox


  1. The IANTD Advanced Nitrox Diver course allows the diver to dive to a max depth of 42 msw using up to pure oxygen for decompression up to 1.5 partial pressure and make a maximum of 15 min. of decompression.
  2. This Programme allows the possibility of using an Open Circuit unit, a Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather (SCR) or a Closed-Circuit Rebreather (CCR).


  1. Must be qualified as an IANTD EANx Diver and IANTD Deep Diver with proof of a minimum of 30 logged dives or sufficient experience to satisfy the instructor that the student has the ability and knowledge to continue into this level of training.
  2. Must be a minimum of 15 years of age with a parent or guardian authorisation, or a minimum of 18 years of age without guardian approval.

Minimum Duration: 2 Days